BorgWarner Announces Plan to Invest $20 Million in Michigan Facilities, Create 186 Jobs

  • Investment to span three existing Michigan facilities and a new EV battery service center
  • Plan enables the acceleration of electric vehicle product development and testing while increasing U.S. domestic manufacturing capabilities 
  • BorgWarner received a $1.86 million grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

Auburn Hills, Michigan, April 19, 2023 – BorgWarner has announced its plan to invest $20 million into expanding the capabilities of three existing Michigan-based facilities and developing a new electric vehicle (EV) battery service center. As a result of the investment, BorgWarner is slated to create approximately 186 jobs, including engineering, manufacturing and service positions.

The project will accelerate development, manufacturing and testing of EV products and EV charging infrastructure equipment, including battery modules and packs, direct current (DC) fast charging equipment, and microgrid control and operations in its Auburn Hills, Dearborn and Hazel Park facilities. The project will also increase BorgWarner’s DC fast charging, EV battery module, and EV battery pack manufacturing capabilities in Michigan. In support of the expansion, BorgWarner has received a $1.86 million grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) through its Michigan Business Development Program (MBDP) that will be put toward expansion activities that further advance the company’s electrification goals. 

“This is a significant investment for our company as we continue to charge forward with our electrification strategy. We are grateful to receive this grant from the MEDC as we continue to expand upon and grow our EV offerings,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and CEO of BorgWarner Inc. “On top of creating more pathway jobs in the community to improve the quality of life for local residents, we intend to use the grant to expand BorgWarner’s manufacturing capability and presence, enhance volume capacity and grow our cross-functional departments.”

The investment will be split across the three facilities. The Auburn Hills portion will be allocated toward new electrification labs that will house testing equipment and allow for new research and development activities. In Dearborn, its footprint is set to increase by roughly 7,000 square feet, allowing for growth of manufacturing, engineering and service departments dedicated to next generation DC fast charging equipment. The new enhancements will allow the facility to double its current capacity and, in turn, implement a second shift. 

The Hazel Park location, combined with a new, separate 100,000 square foot facility that will be developed into a battery service center, will see the largest capital investment of approximately $10.6 million. The new battery service center will provide service for all BorgWarner batteries in North America with a focus on testing, diagnostics and training. A new battery module assembly line will be added in Hazel Park to increase battery module and pack production. 

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