BorgWarner Increases Power Electronics Business with Premium European OEM

  • Combined Inverter and DC/DC Converter (CIDD) supply contract extended
  • CIDD offers compact solution to manage electric drive and accessory systems
  • Technology intended for use in premium European OEM’s all-wheel drive B and C segment hybrid applications

BorgWarner has been awarded increased business by a premium European OEM to supply additional Combined Inverter and DC/DC Converter (CIDD) units for use in the company’s all-wheel-drive B and C segment hybrid applications. By combining the inverter and converter elements, the compact CIDD can manage both a vehicle's electric drive and its accessory systems, satisfying OEM goals of maximizing power density in a lighter, smaller and more cost-effective package.

“This business is a significant volume extension of our hybrid technology program with this customer,” said Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems. “We’re delighted that they continue to choose BorgWarner’s eDrive products not only for their exceptional performance, consistent quality, and competitive value, but also in recognition of our increasing sustainability efforts within our plants.”

BorgWarner’s CIDD design leverages the company’s Viper power module with dual-sided cooling, providing twice the power density of alternative modules in the market as well as the scalability to meet the varying power output requirements of different applications. Together, with next generation power supply and gate driver circuitry, the higher system efficiency enables improved vehicle range. Integrating the controller circuit and DC/DC converter functions on one board in the CIDD eliminates the need for wire bonding, a separate DC/DC converter housing and liquid-cooling connectors. It also reduces expensive high-voltage cabling between boxes. This all results in optimized weight and increased reliability.

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