Charging forward

For more than a century, we’ve been designing and manufacturing the systems that define the way we move. Today, with the world’s foremost technologists, engineers, and OEMs, we’re accelerating the world’s transition to eMobility.

Sara's Summer Internship Story
Luís's Summer Internship Story
Ana's Summer Internship Story
Anabel's Summer Internship Story
Nuno's Summer Internship Story
Nélson's Summer Internship Story
Afonso's Summer Internship Story
Joana's Summer Internship and Career Change Story
Joana's Summer Internship Story
Empower Participant Ghaith JamalEddin
BorgWarner iDM Production
Bring your true self to BorgWarner
How did BorgWarner help shape your career?
What do you like about working at BorgWarner?
How does BorgWarner value diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?
What does your day-to-day look like?
What excites you about the future of BorgWarner?
Empower Participant Jialu Shao
Empower Participant Doris Gao
Empower Participant Andrea Rey
Empower Participant Barbara Cerqueira
Empower Participant Ana Vila
BorgWarner DC Fast Charging Partnership
Think Differently with BorgWarner
The BorgWarner Turbocharger Remanufacturing Process in Detail
Presenting Commercial Vehicle Technologies at IAA Transportation 2022
BorgWarner's Dual School System Classroom in Romania
BorgWarner Battery Packs and Modules

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