48V Propulsion Technologies

With the conviction that 48V systems are a central technology for advanced vehicles, we have developed one of the broadest 48V portfolios in the industry. Many of our innovative solutions are already available today or are in development for serial production. Our wide range of expertise in the fields of electric motors, power electronics, and mechanical components, as well as our comprehensive system expertise in propulsion solutions put us in a unique position. This makes us the leading manufacturer of propulsion technologies for vehicles with combustion engines as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

One System, Many Benefits

Modern vehicles are consuming increased electricity, which calls for a high-performance on-board power supply system. The 48V boardnet delivers sufficient power and offers a wide range of options for optimizing propulsion in terms of fuel economy, emissions, and dynamic driving performance. It can be implemented economically while maintaining power output.

BorgWarner has a large number of 48-volt technologies in its portfolio, each offering significant efficiency gains. Further benefits include simple integration, lower weight, and reduced space requirements, which permit more flexible usage of the installation area. As highlighted during both the preliminary development and series development phases, fuel savings of up to 20 % can be achieved with corresponding improvement of the exhaust emission values in real-world driving conditions. Our solutions can also optimize passenger comfort through improved response or better power transmission. With our diverse product portfolio and comprehensive system expertise, we are capable of developing this potential for our customers. Many of our 48-volt technologies are already proving their value today in the production cars of leading vehicle manufacturers.

Explore Our 48V Technologies


  • Motor Generator With Integrated Electronics (MGI)
  • High Torque Motor Generator Unit

Transmission Technologies

  • One-Way Clutch for Hybrids
  • Power Split Hybrid

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