DIFlex ASIC Electronic Fuel Control Solution

The PACE Award winning electronic fuel control solution that can be applied across an entire fleet of vehicles.

Our Direct Injection Flexible Application Specific Integrated Circuit (DIFlex ASIC) offers you an engine management solution that eliminates the shortfalls and maximizes your options as you push to design cleaner, better propulsion systems. Its new integrated circuit provides never-before-possible electronic fuel control solution for cars, trucks and CVs.

DIFlex ASIC is one of the best electronic fuel control solutions available today that meet the combined demands for capability and cost. Its superior flexibility and diagnostic control of direct injection optimizes combustion for higher efficiency and lower emissions.

One size can fit all

The benefits of this game-changing innovation are significant:

  • Use the same Integrated Circuit in gasoline and diesel engines of any cylinder count or configuration, from light-duty passenger vehicles up to heavy-duty commercial trucks. Cover multiple engine families with a single hardware solution, while creating economies of scale
  • Generate virtually unlimited number of control waveforms to keep pace with engine technology changes - and with changes over time as the vehicle ages - without needing to replace the ECU
  • Simplify the software throughout the EMS, as well as improve precision and real-time diagnostics

When compared to previously available alternatives, the DIFlex delivers:

  • 20 percent drop in deployment costs
  • 25 percent cut in software complexity
  • Ten-fold improvement in injector drive flexibility
  • Three-fold increase in diagnostic capabilities

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