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Using software to unlock better driving experiences

Increasingly, today’s drivers are demanding vehicles and driving experiences that are integrated and connected into their digital lives. The old boundaries between automotive electronics and consumer electronics are blurring as vehicles evolve into software dominated systems delivering enhanced functions such as automated driving, full electric powertrain and V2X (Vehicle to everything) connectivity.

In 2010 the typical car had 10 million lines of code; today that figure has reached 100 million. To manage this increasing complexity and connectivity, automobile manufacturers need to develop innovative electronic architectures in which new software solutions, powerful vehicle computers and ECUs are integrated and capable of working seamlessly together.

And as well as reliably integrating new software and functionalities, manufacturers will still need to satisfy the stringent safety requirements of such as ISO 26262, the ASIL D standard (Automotive Safety Integrity Level D) – as well as meet critical cybersecurity requirements such as ISO 27001.

Software capabilities, all in one place

Securing an edge through system expertise
Securing an edge through system expertise

At BorgWarner we are working hard to meet the future needs of manufacturers in this critical space. We have design centers in every region, staffed by more than +1,000 engineers dedicated to software and systems development to help you reach your goals.

As a single-source supplier of vehicle electronics, sensor technologies, and software solutions we are proud to offer a full range of software and calibration capabilities that can be integrated across applications to create a seamless, flawless performance.

Our range of capabilities include:

  • Powertrain ECUs that house the latest control and diagnostic apps, operating systems and device drivers
  • Full software and systems capabilities from app-only development and software-enabled hardware to full turnkey systems
  • Supporting all propulsion and vehicle types – from internal combustion to full EVs; from passenger cars to commercial vehicles
  • Model based, autocodable control strategies - developed and proven on multiple applications
  • Faster development times and less potential for bugs by leveraging extensive library of powertrain apps
  • Solutions to software management issues such as cybersecurity
  • Partnering with you to explore new spaces such as V2X and IOT

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