Ignition Technologies

BorgWarner is one of the leading suppliers in the field of ignition technologies for gasoline and diesel engines, increasing fuel efficiency, and performance while reducing emissions with fast-to-market solutions. For the gasoline market, the full range of ignition coil technologies including latest high energy ignition coils is available. For diesel engines, we deliver glow plugs, glow plug control units and entire cold-start systems combining the two.

High Energy Ignition Coils

BorgWarner’s compact plug top ignition coils facilitate optimal gasoline combustion through high ignition voltages and extended spark duration. With their excellent lifetime performance and compact design, they lower emissions, enhance engine performance and increase fuel efficiency.

Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil


  • High energy output of 60 to 100 mJ and high ignition voltage of 35 to 40 kV
  • Long lifetime: 15 years or 300,000 km
  • Fully encapsulated, water-protected design


  • More ignition energy and higher voltage than conventional plug top coils
  • New synthetic materials to reduce weight
  • Innovative, secure component connection technology to improve reliability and durability
  • Compact, space-saving and modular design
  • Electronics for ignition coil controlling can be integrated into its housing or the engine control unit
  • Modular construction offers on-demand customization e.g. energy output to be adjusted according to customer specifications

Diesel Cold-Start Technologies

With solutions like the Instant Start System (ISS) featuring state-of-the-art glow plug control units, BorgWarner’s diesel cold-start systems optimize the comfort and reliability of engine start-ups. In addition, our sophisticated technologies minimize fuel consumption and emissions of diesel engines while improving performance and responsiveness. 


  • Consists of glow plug control unit and performance-optimized glow plugs
  • Innovative power semi-conductors for glow plug control
  • Controllable temperature for pre-, intermediate and post-heating


  • Heat-up time of at most 2 seconds
  • Much shorter coil combination reduces size of the glow plugs
  • Reduced glow zone saves energy 

Metal/Ceramic Glow Plugs

BorgWarner’s portfolio of leading glow plugs, ranging from robust steel glow plugs to high-performance ceramic glow plugs and sophisticated pressure sensing glow plugs (PSG), provides a tailored solution for any diesel engine. All our glow plugs help optimize the combustion process, save fuel and reduce emissions.

Ceramic Diesel Cold-Start System with Closed-Loop Temperature Control
Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG)

Pressure Sensor Glow Plug

Ceramic Glow Plug Features

  • Glow temperature up to 1,300 °C and extremely rapid heat-up
  • Extended lifetime
  • Minimal power consumption

Pressure Sensor Glow Plug Features

  • Integrated piezo-resistive pressure sensor
  • Electronics integrated into the glow plug top
  • Programmable to suit customer specifications

Steel Glow Plug Features

  • Slim line design
  • Short preheating time of approx. 2 to 7 seconds
  • Reliable, gentle engine starts (even at -30 °C)

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