Power Electronics

BorgWarner is a leading supplier of advanced electrification technologies for Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Our portfolio includes a full range of power electronics, inverters, DC/DC & DC/AC converters and battery chargers, and is complemented by electronic controls and systems integration expertise to provide customers with full-function solutions

We are focused on delivering propulsion systems - at High Voltage or 48 Volt - that enhance the driving experience, improve performance, fuel economy and emissions for all vehicle applications.

800-Volt Silicon Carbide Inverter

Our 800-Volt Silicon Carbide Inverter for Electrified Vehicles uses an innovative, double-side cooled silicon carbide (SiC) based power switch that delivers the higher power densities and efficiencies needed to extend battery range and performance, and reduce costs.

Its patented capabilities give manufacturers the propulsion system design flexibility and performance they need to drive consumer demand – and the vehicle mix and volumes required to meet increasing emissions regulations.

The inverter’s SiC technology can help extend electric vehicle range by c.5% and enables faster charging times at 800-volts when compared to today’s 400-volt systems.

Viper power switch - SIC inverter

800-volt Silicon Carbide Inverter

Features / Benefits

  • Viper power module includes dual-sided cooling for enhanced thermal management
  • SiC helps extend PHEV and BEV range by approximately 5% and enables faster charging times - delivering a better solution with more power, in a smaller package and for less cost.
  • Award winning, patented technology eliminates the need for wired bonds or connections that can be the cause of quality and reliability issues.
  • Optimizes switching and conduction to deliver up to 70% reduction in power loss

Product Sheet

900-Volt Silicon Carbide Performance Inverter Platform

Silicon Carbide Performance Inverter Platform

Compact silicon carbide MOSFET performance inverter platform (SiC-PP).

Lighter, more efficient, and more compact.

Thanks to the advanced architecture of the SiC-PP, it is possible to meet a wide range of performance and use cases, from ground transportation to aviation applications. The advantages of SiC semiconductors have been optimally exploited to achieve the best balance of performance, weight and cost.

850-Volt Multi Level High Speed Inverter

850-Volt Multi Level High Speed Inverter

High speed kept under control – with low system costs.

Thanks to BorgWarner’s multilevel technology, motor and generator speeds of up to 180,000 rpm can be kept safely under control. The control technology and the high PWM frequencies achieved lead to significant rotor losses in the electric machine, resulting in a significant reduction in system costs. MLI was developed for fuel cell air compressors and electric turbochargers.

BorgWarner’s MLI-technology makes the difference, because the high PWM frequency and the additional voltage level mean that lower pulsations of the magnetic field can be achieved, resulting in significantly lower rotor losses.

Combined Inverter & DC/DC Converters (CIDD)

Inverters and converters work together to manage a vehicle's electric drive and accessory systems. By combining both elements into one, compact component we're meeting manufacturer's demands.

Our CIDD range delivers maximum power density in a lighter, smaller, more cost-effective package. By eliminating extra DC/DC housing and liquid cooled connectors we've reduced the wire cabling between boxes – which increases reliability and saves you time and costs.

Combined Inverter (CIDD)

Combined Inverter & DC/DC Converter

Features / Benefits

  • Compact and scalable power devices with zero wire bonds to enhance reliability
  • Available in a range of customisable product capabilities
  • Scalable design to meet range of power and fusing
  • Auxiliary power connector options available such as fusing for ELAC (electric AC compressor)

Dual Inverters

Our Dual Inverter range combines different power electronic technologies into one compact package.

A single unit can control and drive two electric motors - providing unrivalled functionality while delivering cost reductions and bringing flexible packaging solutions that are lighter, smaller and easier to install.

Dual Inverter

Dual Inverter

Features / Benefits

  • Reduces cost by integrating two inverter stages into a single compact package
  • Highly rugged design capable of withstanding high vibration
  • Suitable for transmission on motor-mounting
  • Provides propulsion, energy generation, and re-capture in front wheel drive hybrid powertrains

Combined Solutions - 'All In One Box'

Our Combined Solutions - or 'All In One Box' as we like to call them - deliver Power Electronics and controller functionality in one compact, easy to install product.

These customizable, highly functional and flexible solutions allow manufacturers of Electric and Hybrid vehicles to deliver better power management in a lighter, smaller, more cost-effective packages.

Dual inverter + controller

Combined Solution - 'All In One Box'

Features / Benefits

  • Provides maximum packaging flexibility and space savings
  • Allows for simpler installation, maintenance and repair procedures
  • Offer a full range of customizable combinations and options E.g. - Dual Inverter + DC/DC Converter + Hybrid Controller

On Board Battery Chargers

Plug in Electric Vehicles (PEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) require large battery packs to drive their electric motors. On board battery chargers ensure these packs are fully charged and quickly convert energy to power the vehicle's wheels.

Our range delivers fast and efficient recharging of DC current for PEV or BEV battery packs, and the automotive grade design provides product longevity which reduces overall costs.

Onboard charger - phv10000

On Board Battery Charger

Features / Benefits

  • Robust design and high power density
  • Converts AC power to DC power - for 7KWH, 11KWH & 22KWH
  • Options available for 800-Volt and 400-Volt systems

Isolated DC/DC Converters

Our isolated DC/DC Converters utilize a highly-flexible architecture to deliver a unique, feature-rich set of functions and is well-matched to the electrical system needs of manufacturers.

These DC/DC converters offer manufacturers a highly efficient, compact and rugged suite of products to meet their requirements.

DC to DC Converter

High Voltage Converter

Features / Benefits

  • High voltage DC/DC converters supporting a wide input voltage range from 220V to 800V
  • Low voltage DC/DC converters in variants from 24V to 96V input
  • Available with 12V to 24V regulated and isolated output

Product Sheet

48V DC/DC Converters

Our range of 48V DC/DC converters move electrical energy between 48V and 12V electrical systems independent of the engine speed. This makes them perfectly suited for energy recuperation systems.

Available with a range of cooling options or 48V DC/DC converters support multiple fuel-saving propulsion architectures such as advanced start-stop, regenerative braking or coasting.

Converter DC/DC 48V
Converter DC/DC - 48V -1

48V DC/DC Converters

Features / Benefits

  • Supports 12V or 24V low voltage systems
  • Available in liquid-cooled or air-cooled specification
  • Highly efficient energy conversion capabilities
  • Bi-directional functionality

48V DC/DC Inverters

We offer a range  of 48V DC/DC inverter solutions to meet the demanding performance requirements of OEM programmes.

Our custom solutions can be designed to integrate into a range of electric machine and transmission systems, that deliver maximum efficiency and packaging flexibility.

Inverter - DC/DC 48V 

48V DC/DC Inverter

Features / Benefits

  • Flexibility to integrate with various e-machines architectures
  • Design flexibility to work with OEM-directed motor suppliers
  • Available in a variety of power ranges to meet application needs
  • Highly efficient power management

Motor Controllers

Our range of motor controllers utilizes a highly-flexible control logic architecture to deliver a unique, feature-rich set of functions and is well-matched to satisfy automotive, commercial and construction markets’ electrification needs.

High Voltage Controllers

The family of high voltage controllers cover the voltage range from 150V to 800V and is specifically aimed at vehicle OEMs and system integrators to offer them a compact, lightweight, robust and cost-effective, class-leading suite of solutions covering traction, hybridization, power generation and sub-system electrification.

High-Voltage Motor Controller

Product Sheet

Low Voltage Controllers

The family of low voltage controllers cover the voltage ranges from 14V to 150V. With their high reliability and compact dimensions our motor controllers are used on both pump and traction applications in some of the worlds leading material handling vehicles. They are also ideally suited for use on a wide range of light on-road and off-road vehicles.

Low voltage motor controller

Product Sheet

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