Thermal Management

A keen market sense coupled with tightly aligned processes, manufacturing excellence and fast implementation makes BorgWarner a market and product leader. Our thermal management systems are designed to meet the needs of our global customers while also improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

High Voltage Coolant Heaters

Batteries have a narrow optimal temperature range. BorgWarner’s specially developed high voltage coolant heaters have been developed to keep the core components of hybrid and pure electric vehicles at temperatures that facilitate maximum charging efficiency, durability and driving range. It delivers heat to the interior quickly and clears the ice from windows in short order.

HV Coolant Heater

High Voltage Coolant Heater


  • Compact modular design with high thermal power density
  • Clean room manufacturing approach – safety and reduced manufacturing cost


  • Battery Management for EV platforms
  • Fast response times (heating up/cooling down) due to low thermal mass and high efficiency
  • Reduced package size and weight compared to competitors
  • Long lifetime: Thick Film Heating Elements 15,000 hours and above
  • Voltage Range: Up to 800V

Secondary Air Systems

Secondary air systems are important for gas cold-engine starts when the majority of hydrocarbon emissions are created. The complete system (including pump, valve, bracket, relay and hoses) provides additional advantages such as low noise and vibration. Air pump flows can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. BorgWarner has a diverse list of global electric air pump (EAP) customers.


Airflow management plays a key role in cooling the engine. Our polymer cooling fans range from optimized axial flow fans and ring-fans for specific installations, to new hybrid designs to cover future cooling demands. New features include improved aerodynamics and durability in the same light-weight package. Using technology-focused design methods such as FEA, CFD and MoldFlow™, performance and reliability are optimized.
BorgWarner’s Guide Vane design provides optimized air-flow potential through its world-class efficiency improvements and unique diffuser design. This unique design requires lower torque than fans operating in a traditional shroud, translating into more power to the wheels.

Fan Drives

Combining the advantages of an electrical fan and mechanical fan drive regarding fuel efficiency, performance, noise and system integration, BorgWarner’s Dual Mode Visctronic® fan drive achieves best-in-class efficiency in all operating modes by driving the fan either electrically or mechanically.

Fan Drive

Fan Drive


  • Robust design using proven Visctronic® technology and a highly efficient BLDC motor
  • Fan Drive Performance
  • Torque Capacity up to 35 Nm
  • Slip Heat Capacity typically 2.5 kW
  • Efficient fan designs
  • Electrical Interface and integrated Electronics
  • ECU Supply Voltage 12V, 850W
  • LIN or PWM communication protocol


  • Compact System Layout
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Auxiliary pusher fans can be eliminated
  • Reduced system restriction
  • Low noise

Spec it Right

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