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Quality Technician

2021 年 6 月 25 日



Job Posting Number:

Shift: 1 (10 pm-6 am)

# of Openings: 1

Labor Grade: 005

Rate: $21.39-$25.14

Opening Date: 06/25/2021

Closing Date: 07/9/2021

Dept#:  3505

Dept Name: Quality

This position will report to:  Brandon Nobrega, Quality Supervisor

Position Requirements:

Perform audits to assure compliance to our quality systems in the shop floor:

Review all open DMR's, scrap reports, customer complaints & quality alerts

Verify DMR's and scrap  have been properly documented.  If not, address the team member, consult with the team leader, and train as needed

Verify all gages are in the proper location & calibrated - If not, work with the team leader to remove them from the floor for calibration

Gather information for huddle meeting - quality alert notifications, open DMR's, quality expectations

Verify quality alerts are posted at each inspection station, department communication boards, and verify expiration dates

Work with the quality group & supervisors regarding any "new" customer quality issues - Quarantine material to protect the customer (ship dock & department), investigate issues regarding the non-compliance/defective material, review corrective actions with quality engineer.

Complete daily layered process audit as assigned by the quality department

Audit team members at least once per day for Control Plan compliance & Production Charting documentation

Audit to verify team members are charting in WinSPC per the control plan

Assist team members as needed regarding any quality concerns

Attend any meetings scheduled for the day.

Work on dispositioning & closing out DMR's

Work on closing out Layered Process Audit (LPA) findings

Attend additional training classes as required

Conduct a final audit of each department - Review compliance to quality alerts and cleanliness of inspection stations

Assist team members with end-of-shift quality concerns

Complete the final update to the shift pass-down report with the supervisors updating pertinent quality concerns and e-mail the report to the department leadership team.

Internal Candidates: Eligibility to Bid

•     Employees with less than one year of service are only eligible to bid on higher paying labor grade positions.

•     Employees with more than one year of service will receive first consideration. 

•     Employees in a Disciplinary Step 1 are eligible to bid on any job.

•     Employees in Step 2 are eligible to bid on any job after 1 year.

•     Employees in Step 3 are eligible to bid on any job after 1 year.

•     If an employee accepted a new position, they cannot bid on the same or lower paying labor grade for 1 year.

•    If you were previously forced out of this job classification and are interested in returning to the position, you must complete a job bidding form.

•     This Position requires that you be able to Read and Write English.

External Candidates:

Applicants must meet all criteria in the job bidding process

•     Employees who have been interviewed within 6 months for the SAME exact position  may not be re-interview.

•     Employees wishing to apply for LG 6 or below positions will be considered if they have a Wonderlic® Score of 16 or higher  and a Wiesen score of 40 or higher are eligible for LG5 positions and higher

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