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BorgWarner is committed to providing you with valuable benefits and comprehensive wellness resources to promote healthy and productive lives.

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Your Checklist for a Successful Enrollment

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Checklist for Successful Enrollment

If You Don’t Enroll Online On Time 

If you don’t enroll or elect to waive coverage within 30 days of your hire date, BorgWarner is required by law to automatically enroll you in default coverage, shown to the right. This means your spouse and dependents will NOT have coverage. Your next opportunity to elect  coverage will be during the next annual enrollment in November 2019, unless you  experience a qualifying family status change.

Your Default Coverage

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Default Coverage

The new deadline to obtain at least 5+ wellness points for the best premium discount for 2020, and to complete all spousal requirements to get the monthly surcharge waived for 2020 is September 30, 2019.

Benefits Overview
Retirement Savings Plan
Health and Wellness
Social Wellness
Financial Wellness
Direct Path


Get rewarded for choosing lower cost options!

Before scheduling any elective care test or procedure, call DirectPath at +1 866-253-2273 to receive a Transparency Report. This will offer you a comparison of three different in-network providers that provide the same quality, but come with a lower cost.

If you choose one of these providers, you will submit your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) and reward form to DirectPath. You will be rewarded with 20% of the savings, up o $1,000, just for choosing a lower cost option!


Use telehealth to see a doctor 24/7 or to schedule an appointment with a therapist, psychiatrist, or a specialist as well. You can connect to one anytime, anywhere - whether it's the middle of the night or the middle of a road trip. Sign up for Amwell or MD Online and have a face-to-face conversation on your computer or mobile device. At under $50/visit, both options provide a cost-effective solution when it comes to care that qualifies for telemedicine. Download the mobile apps or sign up online today.

How it works

Just sign up and you're ready to go. Select a doctor, and he or she can answer questions, assess your condition and even provide a prescription* if needed. Log in and you'll see a list of doctors available and ready to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just in case something happens.

*Prescription availability is defined by physician judgement and state regulations.


Livongo for Diabetes

Livongo is a health benefit that helps make living with diabetes easier. The program is 100% covered by your employer's health plan through Cigna, so there's no extra cost for you or your covered family members with diabetes to join.

Once enrolled, you will receive:

  • More Than a Standard Meter: The Livongo meter is connected and provides personalized tips and automatically uploads your blood glucose readings, making log books a thing of the past.
  • Answers to Your Diabetes Questions: Livongo Certified Diabetes Educators can assist you with any nutrition or lifestyle questions and can reach out to you directly if your readings indicate you may need help.
  • Unlimited Strips at No Extra Cost to You: While you are enrolled in this program, Livongo will ship the strips and lancets directly to your home, with no co-pays or co-insurance.
How to get started

To learn more or enroll, visit

or call Livongo Member Support at (800) 945-4355 with code: BW-CIGNA

What Livongo users* say

"Before the Livongo program I had to be careful how many times I tested my blood sugar because strips were expensive. Now with unlimited strips I can check regularly in the morning and evening and any other time I choose. This has helped lower my A1C from6.8 to currently 6.2 and I have eliminated one pill- The ability to test when I feel I need to helps me regulate my carb intake and plan my meals.

*permission to publish granted


Omada - Diabetes Prevention Program

We offer a breakthrough online program that inspires healthy habits. This comprehensive 16-week program is available to employees and their covered spouses and dependents over the age of 18. It is designed to help individuals lose weight, which can help reduce the risk factors for type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. Participants enrolled in a BorgWarner medical plan that are at risk for developing diabetes are eligible to enroll at no cost- that’s a $600 savings! Sign up at and take a one-minute heath test. If you meet Omada’s risk criteria for the program, you are immediately notified and can enroll on the spot.

Required Notices and Flexible Benefits Plans

Required Notice of Marketplace Coverage Options
Required Notice of Marketplace Coverage Options - for Interns and Co-ops

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Click here for a copy of the BorgWarner Flexible Benefits Plan

Click here for a copy of the BorgWarner Flexible Benefits Plan SAR