BorgWarner Celebrates Electric Mobility Day with Solutions for the Present and Future

  • Number of electric cars expected to grow more than 500% by 2023
  • BorgWarner is prepared to meet market demand for every type of propulsion system

São Paulo, Brazil, May 27, 2019 – BorgWarner, a global leader in clean and energy-efficient technologies, celebrates Electric Mobility Day, an event in its fourth year that promotes discussion about the need to adopt new practices for the benefit of the environment. The company, which develops and produces technologies for all types of propulsion, is already realizing a greater demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, with demand anticipated to be even stronger in the next four years.

In 2017, electric vehicles totaled 900,000 units globally, and are expected to reach 5.6 million units by 2023. "The demand for clean, energy-efficient vehicles is growing worldwide, and we are prepared to support the Brazilian market as it evolves," said Vitor Maiellaro, General Manager at BorgWarner Brasil.

The global market also suggests a high demand for hybrid vehicles. This segment is expected to increase from 3 million units in 2017 to 26 million in 2023, while the internal combustion models are anticipated to decrease from 91 million units to 76 million in the same period.

For BorgWarner, hybridization and electrification are both central to the company’s mobility strategy moving forward. Research indicates that both segments will have a noticeable increase in the volume of new cars produced globally in the coming years, which will affect how people get from point A to point B and relate to vehicles.

Broadening the range of solutions for the future

BorgWarner's broad portfolio of products allows the company to offer technologies and solutions regardless of the propulsion system adopted, catering to the different needs of each market around the world.

In 2017, the company acquired Sevcon Inc., a global player in electrification technologies, complementing its power electronics capabilities and adding onboard battery chargers to its portfolio.

Additionally, BorgWarner announced it expects to complete formation of a joint venture with Romeo Technology in 2019, adding battery packs and modules for hybrid and electric vehicles to the company's portfolio.

Key technologies for highly efficient electrification are being developed. One example is the new onboard battery charger (OBC) which is a key enabler to implement electric driving in everyday life. Due to its wide-ranging applicability, it can be installed in hybrid and electric vehicles to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Another important example is the iDM, a fully integrated electric drive module that combines specially developed power electronics, an electric motor and transmission technology. This modular solution offers customers exceptional flexibility, as does the company’s P2 on-axis hybrid module. In the advanced 48V solution, the motor is directly integrated into the drive shaft and allows vehicle manufacturers to convert combustion-powered vehicles into hybrid vehicles without having to change the transmission or the engine. The eBooster system  offers extraordinary power density, high system efficiency and improved acceleration time, which virtually eliminates turbo lag. Another turbocharging solution is the eTurbo, which improves fuel economy by converting wasted exhaust energy to electrical energy.

The technologies developed and acquired, along with the joint venture, are major milestones for BorgWarner, as it continues to implement its strategic plan and strengthen its position as a global leader in propulsion systems for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles.

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