BorgWarner celebrates 3 years without accidents in the Brusque, Brazil Facility

  • The company's focus on safety and the employees’ safe behavior enabled the achievement of this record
  • The engagement of all company areas allowed the milestone of three years without accidents to be reached
  • The achievement was recognized with a global safety award


Brusque, Brazil, July 1st, 2020 – BorgWarner celebrates the milestone of three years without work accidents requiring leave at the Brusque facility, in Brazil. The achievement is due to the engagement of all company areas, which followed the global culture of prioritizing programs and permanent actions of commitment to safety procedures and regulations. It earned the CEO Safety Award, which is BorgWarner's global safety award, for the facility.

“The safety of everyone at BorgWarner is already a great achievement and that makes me very happy. In order to achieve this milestone the first step was to raise awareness among employees about the importance of safety within the company and, through training and engagement actions, make them aware that accidents can be avoided when safe behavior is a matter of common sense. Each one does his part and, everyone eventually wins,” emphasizes Adson Silva, Plant Manager at BorgWarner.

In order to raise awareness among employees, the GSSF (Global Safety Star Framework) system, which has 20 elements and more than 600 sub-elements aimed at total safety at work, was implemented. This result counted on the full engagement of all company areas, both administrative and operational, and shows that the collective effort to comply with the current safety regulations and laws works in a positive way. BorgWarner's goal is to reinforce the importance of mitigating employee-related risks in addition to sticking with the measures already adopted.

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