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'All in One Box' Power Electronics

Lowering the costs of electrified vehicles by combining multiple power electronics functions into ‘All-in-One Box’ solutions.

We understand space is at a premium in hybrids and EVs, and manufacturers are looking for solutions to help meet the challenges of power electronics integration.

Our ‘All-in-One Box’ solutions combine multiple power electronics components into the same space, and deliver ‘automotive grade’ reliability and performance.

Automotive grade, all in one place

Securing an edge through system expertise

By reassembling multiple power electronics functions into an ‘All-in-One box’ BorgWarner can help you save space and costs across your range of electrified vehicles.

Today’s power electronic components can be incredibly complex. Take an inverter for example, one of the most critical components needed for propulsion electrification because the inverter converts direct current (DC) from the battery pack into an alternating current (AC) so that electricity can be used to power and control the vehicle. Inverters can have multiple electrical circuit boards each with hundreds of electrical components. All of this means that some inverters can be bulky, expensive and prone to failure.

Thanks in large part to the Viper power switch, with it’s double-side cooled silicon carbide (SiC) technology and design flexibility, we’ve mastered the art of combining products such as inverters and DC/DC converters into single units.

And our ability to design ‘automotive grade’ electronics able to withstand extremes in g-forces, temperatures and debris gives us an edge in producing “All-in-one" box solutions for wherever they are needed in the vehicle. For example our engineers have connected the inverter directly to the motor which eliminated the need for additional connections, and resulted in a smaller package with fewer cables and wires.

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