K-ALLOY™ (A-304) Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Die Casting Alloy

Superior Corrosion Resistance and Thermal Properties

K-ALLOY™ (A-304) is an excellent general die casting alloy designed to protect today’s most critical components from harsh environments without the need for expensive coatings. It eliminates the need for expensive pre- and post-processing such as anodizing, chromating, and paint.


Corrosion Resistant

Offers unique engineering solutions, no paint or coatings required.


Thermal Conductivity

15% better than A380.


High Elongation

5% as cast
8%-14% heat treated


Longer Die Life

Equal to A380. Die life is 2-3x longer than other alloys.
The amount of iron makes it easily castable.

Key Benefits



Our alloy offers unique engineering solutions and unexpected levels of corrosion resistance compared to traditional aluminum alloys.
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Circuit Board with no coating

Requires No Coating

Using K-ALLOY™ may help lower parts cost, in addition to eliminating toxic chromate. For properties and specifications.
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Industry Standards

Industry Standards

Through a cycle of trials, K-ALLOY™ offers high qualified die casting.

Corrosion comparisons and salt spray results

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  • BorgWarner licenses K-ALLOY™ producers (smelters) worldwide that can sell to anyone that wants to use K-ALLOY™.
  • Smelters may have multiple supply locations, depending on region or country.

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